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Shelli S - Shelli - Royse city, TX

Martin Luther King had a dream, I found a lump in my right breast. Friday I saw my doctor and by the next week diagnosed with stage 3, triple negative, invasive ductal carcinoma. Chemo began 1st of march, completed July 15. Double mastectomy first of August. Once my my expanders were at peak size, I began radiation. That was sometime in October. That was completed 1st week in December. I look back, a year later, it just doesn't feel real! I still have hurdles to overcome, but feel as if I have emerged out of a long dream. I have found fighting didn't necessarily mean anything more than being willing to come back again to do more treatment! I did all 16 chemo and 33 radiation! Not because I'm strong, but I'm willing to go the journey. All due to Jesus Christ, my amazing family and church!!

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  • Story Date: June 15, 2012
  • Story Country: United States
  • Story City: Royse city
  • Story State: TX
  • Story Theme: Breast Cancer
  • Story Contribution Goal Site:
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