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Nawarak K - Burke, VA

I am from Thailand, my mom was breast cancer. It was cutted for 13 years ago but now she is lung cancer, and has big one on the breast that was cutted. The doctor said don't do anything for it. Now she's not happy I know I try to tell her don't worry be happy God bless u I will pray for u all the time. last 3 years I have problem about my right breast the doctor cutted some lump of my right breast but it's not cancer, it's my first time to came to USA, I want to get mamogram but here I don't have insurance like in Thailand I have social insurance it's free for me when go to see the doctor. Now I live with my old bos's friend in Tarpon springs near the Florida hospital I want to know where hospital that I can do mamogram for free. please tell me!!!

My Story Details

  • Story Date: October 23, 2013
  • Story Country: United States
  • Story City: Burke
  • Story State: VA
  • Story Theme: Breast Cancer

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