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Jodi M - grandma betty's memory - Macomb, IL

hi my name is Jodi and I am running for relay for life in my grandma betty's memory 1st off I want to say that my grandma was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2006 and her cancer got so bad that it had spread all over her body and ended up in her bones she passed away at 77 years old just 2 days before christmas in 2008 I finally decided that I would join relay for life and race for the cure in her memory. I currently have a cousin who was diagnosed with cancer last year she has squamus cell carcinoma which is a cancer that has spread from her lungs to her brain she currently having exstensive radiation treatments my uncle has recently been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer but has been doing chemo and is still fighting it as well and so this has been what has motivated me to race for a cure

My Story Details

  • Story Date: March 28, 2016
  • Story Country: United States
  • Story City: Macomb
  • Story State: IL
  • Story Theme: Cancer - General

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