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Kathie L - Eastampton, NJ

MS is something that I never thought could ever happen to me..I was my own party, always having fun laughing, dancing, just being able to do everything. One day my leg started acting funny. I never thought anything of it. When the numb feeling kept up and I was having trouble walking, I decided to get checked out. Turns out after a lot of testing, MRI'S etc.. I had spots on the brain.. The sheathing on the nerves had worn off, which caused my brain to misfire. My speech would slur, my movements were off, I have short term memory loss.. I already have Crohn's Disease, so I thought there was no way that this was happening to me.. The hard fact is, it did.. Not only is it in the brain, but in the spinal cord.. I have spasms, walk with a severe limp, forget balance, that is way off.. I can't do what I used to. Does it suck? Yea, but you keep moving forward. I have to use mobility aides now.. such as a cane, walker, scooter.. I have a real hard time getting around.. But I'm so stubborn, I felt like this was going to go away, that was 9 years ago.. I am getting worse not better. So guess what, it doesn't go away, but you keep on keeping deal with it..I have to take a needle every night..all you can do is keep fighting the illness.. Some days are better than others and other days can be real bad..but hey, to me things could be worse.. I'm alive!

My Story Details

  • Story Date: June 06, 2012
  • Story Country: United States
  • Story City: Eastampton
  • Story State: NJ
  • Story Theme: MS (Multiple Sclerosis)

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