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LYDIA T - New Market, AL

Sept. 1997 I was admitted to the hospital, I thought I had the flu, I had stage 4 ovarian cancer. I was admited on a Tuesday, it was confirmed on Friday and on Monday I had surgery. My Dr. did not want my family to tell me, he wanted to talk to me himself the following day when I would be more alert, he is also a family friend. The following day he came in with tears, I knew then it was bad, he explained that I had Small Germ Granulosa, they removed 6 liters of fluid from my abdomen. The tumor had sausaged in my fallopian tubes and ovaries and the pulsating I felt was it about to burst. I was close to death and had no idea. He had a wonderful Oncologist take over. I was told with chemo I would buy 10 years....I suppose I am too mean to die...I have had many other problems, a total of 64 surgeries, not all related to the cancer. I have now developed Chron's Disease which causes me to be in the hospital often. But I am alive, I have a wonderful husband and two fantastic grown children, I am blessed. All of my chemo was done in the hospital for at least a week for each treatment, this was done so they could premedicated and I would not get sick. As I lost my hair I would dye my scalp with kool-aid to match whatever I was wearing that day. My Oncologist told me that my positive attitude was what carried me through all of the treatment. Also, I was 44 when this happened in 1997. it is now 6/8/12. What I want everyone with cancer to know is that there is hope and you can do it...Stay positive, make yourself feel good, and love life.

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  • Story Date: June 08, 2012
  • Story Country: United States
  • Story City: New Market
  • Story State: AL
  • Story Theme: Cancer - General

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