Personalization FAQs and Size Charts

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Help with personalization.
  2. Information about ordering
  3. Customer Service.

Help with personalization

  1. How do I know what size to get?

    We use American brand name adult T-Shirts and Sweatshirts in Unisex sizes. The white and ash shirts are 50/50 Cotton/Polyester and run very true to size with very little shrinkage. The color shirts are 100% Cotton and may experience limited shrinkage.

    ADULT Unisex T-Shirt Sizes (May Vary)
    Size A B Men's Ladies'
    SM 17" 24" M34-36 L6/8
    MD 20" 25" M38-40 L10/12
    LG 21" 27" M42-44 L14/16
    XL 24" 27" M46-48 L18/20
    2XL 26" 28" M50-52 L22/24
    3XL 28" 29" M54-56 L26/28
    T-Shirt Size

    ADULT Unisex Sweatshirt Sizes (May Vary)
    Size A B Men's Ladies'
    SM 19" 22" M34-36 L6/8
    MD 21" 23" M38-40 L10/12
    LG 23" 24" M42-44 L14/16
    XL 25" 27" M46-48 L18/20
    2XL 28" 28" M50-52 L22/24
    3XL 30" 28" M54-56 L26/28
    Sweatshirt Size

    ADULT Unisex Long Sleeve T-Shirt Sizes (May Vary)
    Size A B Men's Ladies'
    SM 18" 27" M34-36 L6/8
    MD 20" 28" M38-40 L10/12
    LG 22" 30" M42-44 L14/16
    XL 24" 31" M46-48 L18/20
    2XL 26" 32" M50-52 L22/24
    3XL 28" 33" M54-56 L26/28
    Sweatshirt Size

    ADULT Ladies' Zippered Hoodie Sizes (May Vary)
    Size A - Front B - Chest C - Sleeve D - Waist
    SM 26" 18" 32 1/2" 28" - 29"
    MD 27" 19" 33" 30" - 31"
    LG 28" 20" 33 1/2" 32" - 33"
    XL 29" 21" 34" 34" - 35"
    2XL 30" 22" 34 1/2" 36" - 37"
    Zippered Hoodie

    ADULT Unisex Hooded Sweatshirt Sizes (May Vary)
    Size A B Men's Ladies'
    SM 20" 27" M34-36 L6/8
    MD 22" 28" M38-40 L10/12
    LG 24" 29" M42-44 L14/16
    XL 26" 30" M46-48 L18/20
    2XL 28" 31" M50-52 L22/24
    3XL 30" 32" M54-56 L26/28
    Hooded Sweatshirt Size

    ADULT Ladies' Sweatpants Sizes (May Vary)
    Size A B Ladies'
    SM 15" 31" L6/8
    MD 16" 31" L10/12
    LG 17.5" 31" L14/16
    XL 19.25" 31" L18/20
    2XL 20.25" 31" L22/24
    3XL 21.25" 31" L26/28
    Sweatpants Size

    ADULT Ladies' Flannel Pants Sizes (May Vary)
    Size A B Ladies'
    SM 28" 30.75" L6/8
    MD 29" 32" L10/12
    LG 31" 32.5" L14/16
    XL 19.25" 33.25" L18/20
    2XL 35" 34" L22/24
    Flannel Pant Size

    YOUTH Unisex T-Shirt Sizes (May Vary)
    Size A B Youth
    XS (2/4) 14.5" 15" 24-26
    SM (6/8) 16" 18" 28-30
    MD (10/12) 17" 19" 32-34
    LG (14/16) 18" 20.5" 34-36
    T-Shirt Size

    YOUTH Unisex Sweatshirt Sizes (May Vary)
    Size A B Youth
    XS (2/4) 14" 13" 24-26
    SM (6/8) 15" 13" 28-30
    MD (10/12) 16" 15" 32-34
    LG (14/16) 18" 17" 34-35
    Sweatshirt Size

    YOUTH Unisex Long Sleeve T-shirt Sizes (May Vary)
    Size A B Youth
    SM (6/8) 17" 21.5" 28-30
    MD (10/12) 18" 23" 32-34
    LG (14/16) 19" 25" 34-35
    Sweatshirt Size

    YOUTH Unisex Hooded Sweatshirt Sizes (May Vary)
    Size A B Youth
    SM (6/8) 15" 19" 28-30
    MD (10/12) 17" 22" 32-34
    LG (14/16) 19" 25" 34-35
    Hooded Sweatshirt Size

    YOUTH Girl's Sweatpants Sizes (May Vary)
    Size A B Ladies'
    SM 10" 16.4" L6/8
    MD 11" 20.8" L10/12
    LG 12.5" 24.75" L14/16
    Sweatpants Size

    YOUTH Girl's Flannel Pants Sizes (May Vary)
    Size A B Ladies'
    SM 20" 23.25" L6/8
    MD 23" 26.25" L10/12
    LG 26" 28.5" L14/16
    Flannel Pant Size

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  2. How do I personalize my item?

    Each product has personalization fields in which you enter your personalization information. Some items are not personalized and are labeled that way.

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  3. What does "Any Title Here" mean?

    Any Title Here refers to specific word or phrase you use when describing someone instead of using their actual name. Perhaps you are creating a walk shirt in honor of your sister who is a breast cancer survivor. The title on the shirt would be Sister. A title may be requested for a memorial keepsake. A keepsake created for your Mom or Grandma would then include Mom or Grandma in the title.

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  4. Can I have the names on my shirt in a certain order or with certain colors?

    The personalization pattern changes with each design, so we do not offer name placement guarantees.

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  5. What is preview, and how does it work? offers virtual previews of many items which display your personalized information. Simply select the Click to View Your Personalized Product button after filling out the necessary entry fields. A virtual preview will appear displaying your shirt, keepsake, apparel, etc. with the appropriate personalization. allows you to approve the item and automatically place it into the shopping cart or edit the item again.

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Information about ordering

  1. How long will it take to get my order?

    With Premium Ground shipping, most orders are delivered in 5-7 business days.
    Rush orders are delivered in 3 to 4 business days.

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  2. What are shipping charges?

    Premium Ground Shipping Rates at
    We understand that the goal of every walk event or benefit is to raise awareness and funds for your particular cause. It is not to spend additional time and dollars to acquire the team's walk apparel and gear to your home. That is why we offer a fair ship rate on all of our walk gear and apparel.

    Shipping rates displayed below reflect Premium Ground shipping rates only, and do not apply to additional charges applied for Rush and Canada shipments.

    Most orders arrive in 5-7 days Please note, it takes 1-2 days to personalize
    each item. Orders are then shipped by the appropriate method you have chosen.

    Premium Ground Shipping Charges
    Order Total Shipping Total
    Up to $9.50 $ 2.99
    $9.51 to $24.99 $ 5.99
    $25 to $49.99 $ 6.99
    $50 to $74.99 $ 7.99
    $75 to $99.99 $ 8.99
    $100+ $ 9.99

    Canada Shipments

    Shipments to Canada are subject to Taxes, Tariffs and Duties.
    The recipient is responsible for all of these charges. Most orders arrive in 5-7 days.

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  3. Rush Shipping:

    Do you require your gift to arrive quickly?

    Rush Service (3-4 day Delivery) - Add $12.95 to Your Shipping Charge.

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  4. I want to order by mail. What address should I send my mail order to?

    Mail orders should be addressed to:
    10305 Argonne Drive
    Woodridge, IL 60517

    Download an Order Form by clicking here.

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  5. Can I ship my order Internationally?

    We ship to the United States and Canada only. If ordering for another country, you may wish to ship the item to someone in the USA who will then forward the item for you. Shipments to Canada are subject to Taxes, Tariffs and Duties and the recipient is responsible for all of these charges.

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  6. I just placed my order and I have to change something. What do I do?

    Your order enters our production facility right after it is placed, so that we can provide you with very fast service. For this reason, changes to orders are not permitted. We encourage you to take a few extra moments to review your order before submitting it, to check your spelling and to make sure you haven't left anyone out. If you've made a mistake and need to re-order, we'll be happy to offer you a generous 50% discount to do so.

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  7. Do you charge state tax on orders?

    By Illinois Law, we collect sales tax of 7.25% on the entire purchase amount.

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  8. Can I pick up my order?

    Yes. Simply call us to place your order (to avoid shipping charges) and we'll let you know when to pick it up.

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Customer Service

  1. There's a problem with an order I received. What do I do?

    Items that are free from defects and done as ordered and as described on our website are not returnable.  You MUST call 1-800-470-1446 to arrange for a return or replacement. Unauthorized returns will not be accepted.

    If the item is not 100% free from defects, you may return it in new condition and in its original packaging for a prompt credit, exchange or full refund. We do not pay for you to ship the item back to us. All returns or exchanges must be made within 90 days of receipt.

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  2. Can I add names to a shirt that I already have?

    We're not able to add names to an existing shirt. However, if you've purchased a shirt from us and want to add names, we'll be happy to make another shirt for you at half price.  Doing so will allow you to keep the original shirt, and to not spend any time, trouble or money to ship it back to us.  Simply call 1-800-470-1446 to arrange for a 1/2 price shirt.

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  3. How can I contact you?

    Click on the Contact Us link in the Customer Service menu.

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