October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast cancer is one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers among women, so chances are you know someone whose life has been affected. 

2016 Breast Cancer Awareness Month

While doctors and medical researchers have worked hard to introduce new treatments and medicines which have reduced the mortality rates of breast cancer, its effect on the lives of millions is still felt. Although we do not all have the ability to develop cancer curing drugs, there is still meaningful work to be done in the fight against breast cancer.

To honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month, here are 3 things that you can do:

Spreading Awareness

Early detection is one of the most effective way to combat breast cancer. It is important to be knowledgeable about the signs and symptoms of breast cancer and to bring up any concerns you have to your doctor. For more information on the symptoms of breast cancer, along with a large variety of helpful tips, be sure to visit breastcancer.org. Awareness can be spread by holding or participating in events and even wearing sporting gear that advocates for your cause. Also, pink is the official color of Breast Cancer Awareness, so make sure to bust out whatever pink clothing you have to show your support!

Offering Support

A cancer diagnosis is never easy news to process, whether it be you receiving it or someone you know. While your friend or loved one may be feeling helpless and alone, it is vital to be there for mental and emotional support. Let them know that you will be there for them if they ever need anything but try not to be overbearing. Everyone processes life-altering news differently and sometimes it is best just to give them some space. Also, this October, reach out to those you know who have been affected by breast cancer just to see how things are going. Remember, a little act can go a long way.


If you don’t personally know anyone who has been affected by breast cancer, or if you are looking for another way to get directly involved in the quest for a cure, cancer research is always in need of more funding. With events like fundraiser walks and polar plunges, it is not hard to find ways to donate money to a meaningful cause. Many businesses are also involved in programs in which a portion of their proceeds are turned into charitable donations. For example, MyWalkGear has a You Buy + You Choose = We Give program that has donated over $55,000 to causes selected by our customers, including over $8,600 to Breast Cancer Awareness charities. For more information about our donations, and to find gear to help you show your support, make sure to visit MyWalkGear.com

Breast cancer is a terrible disease, but with every information sheet circulated and dollar donated, we are one step closer to finding a cure. This October, make plans to educate yourself and show your support for everyone who has been affected by breast cancer. And don’t forget to wear pink!

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